CTIL LOGISTICS specializes in the Container traffic business and the supply chain management involving containers of all kinds. Established in south Brazil since 1922, has the port of Rio Grande as its larger

With a varied array of integrated services, CTIL works to be present as a one stop shop Logistics provider to it`s customer international supply chain.








The history of CTIL – Cranston Transportes Integrados Ltda. [CTIL – Cranston Integrated Transport Ltd.] intermingles with the history of foreign trade in Rio Grande do Sul.

When the English immigrant Joseph Cranston Woodhead and his son Cecil founded it on July 1, 1922 in the city of Rio Grande, the company was called Cranston Woodhead & Comp. Back then, construction of the breakwaters and wharf of the New Port had been completed only just seven years before. With that construction, a new horizon for maritime navigation had been created, boosting the Rio Grande do Sul economy.

Initially, the company’s activities focused on both maritime agentry and the business representation of European exporters, particularly English ones.

Over the three subsequent decades, although maintaining the maritime agentry of several of the most important European navigation lines as its main pursuit, the company’s activities were diversified. Some of the incorporated services were port operation, customs clearance and shipping, retail trade of imported home appliances, insurance and dealership for Austin, Simca, and Chrysler automobiles. The first branch offices outside Rio Grande do Sul opened up in the 1950s (in Curitiba and Paranaguá) and the branch offices of São Francisco do Sul and Itajaí were added in the 1970s.

With the start of agribusiness in Rio Grande do Sul in the 1960s, Cranston Woodhead Agenciamento Marítimo [Cranston Woodhead Maritime Agent] began a solid leadership in representing the largest Brazilian and international trading houses. It also strongly operated in the segment of fluvial navigation through the Taquara Navigation, owning, from the ‘70s to the ‘80s, the largest fleet of vessels navigating on Lagoa dos Patos (the Ducks’ Lagoon), particularly transporting agricultural bulk goods, cellulose, and fertilizers.

Confirming its pioneering vocation, CTIL – Container e Transportes Integrados Ltda. [CTIL – Container e Integrated Transport Ltd.] was founded in 1980. By way of CTIL we led the change in the profile of Rio Grande do Sul exports on the beginning of container operations. Foreseeing the expansion in the sector, investments in warehousing were made in Santa Cruz do Sul in order to serve the tobacco companies. Likewise, investments were made in Rio Grande, in 1982, in the construction of the first container terminal of that city’s port.

With the coming of the new millennium, the two companies, Cranston Woodhead Agenciamento Marítimo, and CTIL – Container e Transportes Integrados Ltda., have merged into the name CTIL – Cranston Transportes Integrados Ltda. Adding container terminals, haulage, and logistics to the activities of maritime agent, today the company offers a wide and complete range of products and services to meet the growing development and complexity of the supply chain.


Many challenges lie ahead of us, as well as innumerous opportunities. It is in this context that CTIL has been expanding its market and modernizing its processes. Today, with branch offices in the states of Amazônia, Ceará, and São Paulo, we find ourselves in a full expansion process, always seeking to increase our customers’ competitiveness in each one of the products we offer. We believe this to be the path for us to keep growing and developing all those who, in some way, interact with CTIL, such as our customers, coworkers, suppliers and society.

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